A Tree Plantation and Youth Discussion Programme held at Ershadpur Academy in Almadanga on July 10, 2023, a remarkable turnout and showcased the collective efforts of dedicated volunteers from Swayambhar Library, along with the students and teachers of the Academy. Making the event more effective way the Central Secretary ( Fellowship) of Youth Parliament Raisa Mehzabeen who graced the event with her inspiring words and sponsored on behalf of Youth Parliament.

She passionately emphasized the importance of cultivating a reading habit among students and urged all attendees to adopt an environmentally conscious mindset, fostering a shared vision of creating a more beautiful world. Engaging discussions on reading practices were held between the volunteers of Swayambhar Public Library and the students present, further promoting the significance of literacy and its connection to environmental awareness.

This event showcased the unwavering commitment of Swayambhar Public Library and Youth Parliament in promoting literacy, environmental awareness, and community engagement. We commend their efforts in instilling a love for books and nature among the future generations.

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