Our inspirations

Former President of Mauritius

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives

Former Ambassador of Govt. of India

public health specialist & Former Country Head of UNAIDS Liberia

Former chairman of Maldives civil service commission & Assistant professor mnu

vice chancellor rabindra university Bangladesh

Former mp of Bangladesh Parliament & Chairman of BMDA

Former Member of Parliament, Parliament of Bhutan

Diplomat of Govt. of Bangladesh & Prominent Author

CEO, Save the Children India

Professor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Agricultural University & President of ANYV

Former National Consultant of UN-FAO & Senior Faculty of SFX. Greenherald Int. School

Peace Ambassador, Director General of SUNFO & Asia Board Member of GCAP

News Broadcaster of NTV & Country Representative Protect us kids Foundation USA

Foreign Affairs Premier the Kingdom of Hawai & Founder of Mindset News

Under Secretary of Nepal National Human Rights Commission