President, Youth Parliament

The Diana Award Recipient ( London, UK) The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Recipient ( UK Royal Family)

Message to the Global Youth’s

Youth Parliament initiative first driven individually within the domain of youth and civic inclusion in 29 July, 2018. To achieve this objective, the initiative employs unique methods to foster a profound understanding and make future leaders skillful in democracy, cultural diplomacy and the promotion of peace. The concept represents a groundbreaking approach to shaping the youth leaders and fostering civic education. At its core, this initiative is an intellectual masterpiece that stands out due to its unique characteristics, methodologies, and theoretical foundations. It is a testament to innovation and strategic thinking, encompassing elements such as initiative, consistency of nomenclature, proprietary methodologies, and a problem-solving approach that sets it apart in the field of youth leadership development. This visionary initiative not only reflects our commitment to youth empowerment but also exemplifies a dedication to intellectual rigor, strategic planning, and a steadfast pursuit of excellence.

It is my firm belief that the Youth Parliament will continue to contribute to the active participation of young people around the world. Let’s all use our time properly to develop leadership skills and to introduce ourselves as an acceptable people. The younger generation is our source of inspiration. With your active participation, the Youth Parliament will move forward and be established as an exemplary youth organization in the world.