The Youth Parliament has been taking significant steps to commemorate and raise awareness about the Bangladesh genocide that took place on March 25, 1971. One of the key activities that the Youth Parliament has been organizing is a series of blackout events, which includes candlelight vigils, social media campaigns, and other initiatives aimed at honoring the victims of the genocide and demanding official apologies from Pakistan.

One of the most prominent activities organized by the Youth Parliament is the annual candlelight vigil, held every year on March 25 to mark the anniversary of the genocide. Participants of the vigil bring candles to light and turn off their electricity for 1 minute off in remembrance of the victims. The vigil provides a space for young people to come together, reflect on the tragedy that took place, and honor the memory of those who lost their lives.

The Youth Parliament has also been organizing social media campaigns to raise awareness about the genocide and its impact on Bangladesh. Through the use of hashtags such as #BangladeshGenocide and #WeDemandApology, and has been able to mobilize young people across the country to raise their voices in support of the cause. This annual campaigns have been successful in drawing attention to the issue and highlighting the need for official apologies to Bangladesh.

One of the key demands of the Youth Parliament’s blackout activities is an official apology from Pakistan for the genocide. The genocide, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 3 million people, is considered to be one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century. Reference to the “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” by United Nations the Bangladesh Genocide is fully followed the Article 1, 2 and 3 to be recognized and acceptable as Genocide. Click to Download UN Document:…/Doc.1_Convention%20on%20the… Despite this, Pakistan has yet to officially apologize for its role in the genocide.

Through the efforts of Bangalis, the Youth Parliament has demonstrated a commitment to promoting human rights, justice, and reconciliation in Bangladesh. The young people come together, reflect on the tragedy that took place, and honor the memory of those who lost their lives. 

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