Message to the Global Youth’s


President, Youth Parliament

The Diana Award Recipient ( London, UK) The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Recipient ( UK Royal Family)

Founder’s Message

The Youth Parliament was established in Bangladesh in 2018 to harness the potential of youth leadership development and to provide opportunities. Every country in the world is promoting a sustainable society and community development by giving priority to youth skills. Our plans and actions relate to SDG’s Goal-16. The youth of different countries in the world are involved in this platform and representing their nation as a conscious and Active Citizen of the society. The Youth Parliament is an effective system that focuses on the problem, its solution and the possibilities of a constituency. By fulfilling the role of the representative (MP) symbolically, the spirit of leadership development will be created and the youths will learn about their responsibility.In the modern world, volunteering also has a significant acceptance and efficiency worldwide. That is why we not only pay attention to the Parliamentary session but also do various social working activities, which inspires youths towards patriotism and realize the social responsibilities also. It is my firm belief that the Youth Parliament will continue to contribute to the active participation of young people around the world. Let’s all use our time properly to develop leadership skills and to introduce ourselves as an acceptable people. The younger generation is our source of inspiration. With your active participation, the Youth Parliament will move forward and be established as an exemplary youth organization in the world.