Our inspirations

Former President of Mauritius

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives

Former Ambassador of Govt. of India

public health specialist & Former Country Head of UNAIDS Liberia

Former chairman of Maldives civil service commission & Assistant professor mnu

vice chancellor rabindra university Bangladesh

Former mp of Bangladesh parliament & chairman of bmda

former member of parliament, parliament of Bhutan

Diplomat of govt. of Bangladesh & Prominent Author

ceo, save the children India

4th chairperson of the international human rights commission (IGO)

Professor of bangabandhu sheikh mujib agricultural university & President of ANYV

4th chairperson of the international human rights commission (IGO)

Former national consultant of fao-un & senior faculty of sfx. greenherald int. school

peace ambassador, director general of sunfo & asia board member of gcap

news broadcaster of ntv & country representative protect us kids foundation usa

foreign affairs premier the kingdom of hawai & founder of mindset news

under secretary of Nepal national human rights commission