Tribute to the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman



The year was 2016. A young man was shocked by a militant attack on the Holey Artisan restaurant at Dhaka. He was saddened by the killings that took place with the involvement of the youth.The militants released Fayaz Ayaz Hossain but he was martyred in a bid to free his friends. In that incident, Fayaz Ayaz Hossain’s honesty and determination shook him. Ever since the horrific incident of the Holy Artizan, he has felt that if the youth could be enriched with social responsibility they would not turn to militancy.


Founder President's message

The Youth Parliament was established in Bangladesh in 2018 to harness the potential of youth leadership development and to provide opportunities. Every country in the world is promoting a sustainable society and community development by giving priority to youth skills. Our plans and actions relate to SDG’s Goal-16. The youth of different countries in the world are involved in this platform and representing their nation as a conscious and Active Citizen of the society. The Youth Parliament is an effective system that focuses on the problem, its solution and the possibilities of a constituency. By fulfilling the role of the representative (MP) symbolically, the spirit of leadership development will be created and the youths will learn about their responsibility.


What We Do


— We Inspire

We are here to encourage the youth’s of the world. Motivation with work can have a social impact on young people that we believe. Through skilled youth leaders, young people connect regionally and engage in positive work with others globally.


— We Build Networks

We believe in vibrant networking through partnerships. Strong partnerships are needed for sustainable work in the world where it is not possible to do it alone. We are hand in hand to introduce ourselves as one of the world’s stakeholders.


— We Strengthen

Strong positions within us that work like a good relationship have a positive effect on the solution. The SDG-16 goal strengthens our relationship by strengthening its inclusion in the international arena from the regional level. .


— We Train

We believe in efficiency and active participation. We are constantly with young people to increase leadership skills through training. Only trained youth can contribute to the society by expanding contemporary leadership.


— We For Impact

Young people are the ideal generation for the expansion of democracy in any country. Empowering young people can make us stronger positive impact in our own community which we believe. We are trying to change their position with various activities and leadership.


-We Believe in Peace


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